Happy sigh…

Sunday, May 17, 2015 –

Done! It’s finally done! Two and a half years of family memories recorded and uploaded for posterity. Yesterday was a busy day: TH took Tee to soccer first thing in the morning, then we went to a toddler birthday, and lastly met TH’s sister’s family for an afternoon at the lake. Tee missed his nap and was exhausted, going to bed at 6:00. TH was equally exhausted and feel asleep on the couch before 8. I decided to forego catching up on Orange Is the New Black, and instead work on my journal project. There were only a month of entries left to edit and anonymize before uploading. I completed a few, stopping periodically to go nurse Tee back to sleep. I was laying next to him, deciding whether or not to take a break and just doze off myself. But then I thought, “Dude, I am 37 weeks tomorrow. I could have this baby in as a little as a week or two. My goal has been to finish this before the baby is born, and I am so close to finishing this thing, but I’m running out of time. I need to just get it done.”

And now I’m done. Sigh of happiness.

One kid’s baby memory book, uploaded and ongoing. I’m looking forward to recording memories for our next baby, too.


Thursday, May 7, 2015 –

I seriously have such amazing and thoughtful girl friends. They threw a surprise baby sprinkle for me this evening at a local restaurant. We’re a large group of friends who have gone through many life milestones together: entering college, graduating, embarking on careers, relationships, marriage, and families. Four of us are currently pregnant, me with a second, another with her first and second, two others with their first. I love that I get to share so many moments with them and I’m so happy our kids will know each other as well.

Braxton Hicks, Hypnobabies progress, and thoughts about the upcoming birth

Tuesday, May 5, 2014 –

For the past three weeks, I’ve been noticing Braxton Hicks more and more often. I don’t remember having them all that much with Tee. Then again, they may not have been strong enough to notice.

These are pretty strong, meaning that I notice, and they sometimes make me catch my breath. I occasionally notice them when I’m walking around or sitting down. But I definitely notice them most when laying down to nurse Tee to sleep in the evenings. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s the nursing that’s triggering them, given that I’m a only two and a half weeks away from being full-term. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m laying down, undistracted and therefore able to pay better attention to what my body is doing.

Sometimes there’s only a mild tightening sensation that I have to feel around with a hand to even be sure about. But more and more often, they are pretty uncomfortable. Those times, I usually go into Hypnobabies mode and use the Braxton Hicks for birthing practice.

I’m feeling good about how well I’ve stuck with the Hypnobabies home study program for the last several weeks, and I feel pretty confident that I’ll be able to stick with my maintenance schedule. I don’t remember being this diligent with things in the last month of my pregnancy with Tee. I may have been, but I really don’t remember. In any case, I like that I have at least one birth to use a reference point for the readings and listening sessions – it really makes a difference.

Gotta be honest, though: I’m anxious about this next birth itself.

With Tee’s pregnancy around this time, I remember being so excited. Sure, I was nervous about the unknown. What would a contraction (or pressure wave, in Hypnobabies lingo) feel like? What would translation (transformation) be like? How would it feel to actually push out a baby? But that nervousness didn’t keep me from being ridiculously excited when I lost my mucus plug or when I finally noticed that I was in labor.

I’m not quite so naive this time. Tee’s birth was intense. Yes, every birth and baby is different. I can’t predict how the birth of this next baby will go based solely on Tee’s birth (or anything else for that matter). But I know just enough to be glad that I’m still about a month away. I’m ready to meet this baby. I’m not at all in a rush to do the work to help him or her emerge.

Not to say I’m not excited about meeting this baby. I am so looking forward to that, and especially learning whether we have a little newborn boy or girl. I guess that’s an underrated bonus of not finding out the sex. The anticipation of finally getting to find out is just a little bit more motivation during birth.

Still. If I could push a button and switch places with TH for the last 12 hours or so of this pregnancy, I totally would.

Kidding. (Totally not kidding.)